List of open source libraries and addons related to 2D and 3D computer graphics developed since 2014.
PalmGenerator JavaScript

Three.js module to generate palms procedurally.

Space Colonization algorithm implementation in openFrameworks

ofxRaycaster Makefile

Plane, 2D and 3D Ray objects for openFrameworks.It checks for the intersection of a ray with a segment, a sphere, a triangle, a plane, an ofPrimitive, an ofPolyline an with an ofMesh.

3D turtle graphics interpretation of L-Systems

openFrameworks addon that implements most of the string rewriting grammars described in the book "The Algorithimic Beauty of Plants"

openFrameworks addon to create geometries composed by branches

ofxPhyllotaxis Makefile

Phyllotaxis algorithm implementation for openFrameworks

flowers Clojure

Program to generate 3D models of abstract flowers.

LeafGeometry JavaScript

Low-poly palm's leaf geometry for Three.js

ofxLatheMesh Makefile

mesh for lathe geometries