drawing a leaf with the parabola equation

I was looking for a way to draw a palm’s leaf, and after watching this video by Inigo Quilez I’ve came up with a solution that gives me a reasonable result with high flexibility and a low number of vertices. It uses parabolas to describe the leaf inclination and the borders of the leaf. You can see a live demo here

Countless Blades of Waving Grass in Three.js

In this note I’ve written down the steps followed to make this demo. The two main resources consulted are the Nvidia GPU gem and this demo by Outside Of Society

rings of lights on meshes

Some notes about the idea and the process behind this demo I've started to work thinking that it could be nice to put some rings that move up and down on the trees, maybe in sync whith music.

demo: terrain with a road from a texture

In the last days I was looking for a way to draw a terrain with a closed road were the camera can move along. I’ve taken into consideration these 3 approaches:

L System addons

I've published two openFrameworks addons to generate L-System plants and fractals with openFrameworks.

FaceTracker sketch

OpenFrameworks sketch mixing ofxFaceTracker, ofxBox2D and the audio input.

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