Algorithmic Botany Tools

These are the tools that I've used in the last years to generate procedurally trees, leaves and flowers.
Feel free to drop me a line if you want to organize a workshop about how to use them, or more in general on the methods used to represent trees with the computer.
PalmGenerator JavaScript Created by edap Star

Three.js module to generate palms procedurally.

Space Colonization algorithm implementation in openFrameworks

ofxLSystem C++ Created by edap Star

An openFrameworks addon that contains a 3D graphic turtle graphic interpretation of L-Systems

ofxLSystemGrammar C++ Created by edap Star

openFrameworks addon that implements most of the string rewriting grammars described in the book "The Algorithimic Beauty of Plants"

ofxPhyllotaxis Makefile Created by edap Star

Phyllotaxis for openFrameworks

flowers Clojure Created by edap Star

Program to generate 3D models of abstract flowers. It uses internally the Morphogen Library

openFrameworks addon to create geometries composed by branches

LeafGeometry JavaScript Created by edap Star

Low-poly palm's leaf geometry for Three.js